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Some of our Systems





We have installed many kinds of solar electric systems.


You may have been told that your home is not correctly oriented for solar. And that may be true, the best direction for a home to be facing for solar is south however, east and west can work as well. Also, there is the possibility of a shade structure in your yard with solar panels on it, you can have a free standing solar array, or even a carport with panels on it. We will work with you to come up with the solution that works for you. The sun is free and everyone should take advantage of its energy!


Agriculturial systems are the fastest growing in the midwest. Family farmers are always watching the operational costs of their farm and looking for a way to cut them so that their financial resources can be used in other areas. We will help you to design a system that will greatly reduce or possibily eliminate your electric bill.


Business owners are always looking at the bottom line and looking for a way to cut their expenses to increase profit. Most commercial operations have large roofs or large parking lots. Why not cover that roof with panels that will help decrease your operating expenses or build a parking canopy to protect your customers and employees from the weather while producing electricity for your business.

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